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Will Krakower

Will Krakower is a freelance writer from the New York area. He has a master's degree in Public History from Rutgers University and specializes in Early American History. He works as a historian for the New Jersey State Park Service and likes to research and write with his cat, Pumpkin, who sits on his lap and is a constant companion/nuisance.

sharps rifle old west

How the Sharps Rifle Became A Legendary Sharpshooter of the West

“…being armed with breech-loaders they [the Sharpshooters] could lie low, and without changing position reload and fire ten…

Colt Single Action Army Revolver

Colt Peacemaker: How the Colt Single Action Army Won the West

When the smoke cleared from the side lot of C. S. Fly’s photography studio, just six doors down…