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frank hamer texas ranger

Frank Hamer: The Tough Texas Ranger Who Brought Down Bonnie & Clyde

In the early hours of May 23, 1934, Frank Hamer, a tough-as-nails Texas Ranger with a deep, authoritative…

judge roy bean

Judge Roy Bean: The Controversial “Law West of the Pecos”

Judge Roy Bean was the worst and most colorful dispenser of justice of the Old West. To fall…

virgil earp facts

9 Fascinating Facts About Virgil Earp, Noble Lawman

Wyatt Earp may be lionized for his role in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, but Virgil Earp…

jim courtright facts

Big Jim Courtright: 9 Things 1883 Didn’t Tell Us about the Old West Lawman

If you are a fan of the Paramount+ series Yellowstone (and who isn’t?), you were probably thrilled when…

Seth Bullock old west facts

7 Reasons Why Seth Bullock was One of the Last True Westerners

We can thank the mid-2000s HBO television western series Deadwood for introducing a new generation of Old West…

morgan earp facts

8 Things You Might Not Know About Morgan Earp, Wyatt’s Favorite Bro

A member of one of the Old West’s most legendary bands of brothers, Morgan Earp and his story…

isaac parker hanging judge

The Curious Life of Isaac Parker, the Old West’s “Hanging Judge”

The life and legacy of Isaac Parker, the “Hanging Judge,” was more complicated than his name suggests. The…

famous sheriffs of the old west

8 Famous (and Infamous) Sheriffs of the Old West

The Old West had a reputation for being a lawless place and time. With all the gun-toting, cattle…

Arizona Rangers

8 Interesting Facts About the Arizona Rangers

The bigger, older, and more legendary Texas Rangers may get all the glory, yet the small and mighty…

Dallas Stoudenmire marshal

Dallas Stoudenmire and the Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight

The Old West earned a reputation for being a dangerous and deadly place. Perhaps, it was stories of…