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curly bill Brocius

Curly Bill Brocius Shot and Killed by Wyatt Earp: Fake News or the Real Deal?

William “Curly Bill” Brocius was only on Arizona’s Old West scene for a little more than three years,…

johnny ringo

7 Facts about Johnny Ringo You Won’t Learn from Movies

Johnny Ringo was a charismatic, B-list thug with an A-list reputation in American West history. Best known as…

famous sheriffs of the old west

8 Famous (and Infamous) Sheriffs of the Old West

The Old West had a reputation for being a lawless place and time. With all the gun-toting, cattle…

tom horn

7 Facts About Tom Horn, Elusive Gun-for-Hire

Historians have tried for years to come to grips with the enigmatic and dark character of Tom Horn…

john wesley hardin

8 Murderous Facts about John Wesley Hardin

John Wesley Hardin was one of the Old West’s most notorious killers: a ruthless outlaw who once killed…

soiled doves old west

Soiled Doves of the Old West: Strictly Business

The vast majority of the settlers, trappers, prospectors, and outlaws of the Old West were men. Lonely, horny men.

general stephen kearny

General Stephen Watts Kearny: Old West Explorer, Peacekeeper and Lawmaker

A lifelong military man, General Stephen Kearny fought in the War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War. It…

wild west women

Women of the Wild West

There is not one singular definition of a Wild West woman: the history of the pioneer American West…

George W. P. Hunt

George Wiley Paul Hunt, Arizona’s Ambitious First Governor

George W. P. Hunt, the “Grand Old Man of Arizona,” was Arizona’s first governor and served seven terms…

Chief Ouray ute leader

The Complicated Legacy of Peacemaker Ute Chief Ouray

Chief Ouray was one of the Ute people’s greatest leaders. He was the leader of the Tabeguache (Uncompahgre)…

nat love cowboy

Nat Love: Adventures of a Former Slave, Black Cowboy, and Teller of Tall Tales

Nat Love certainly knew how to market himself. Without a doubt, the former slave turned Old West cowboy…

Laura Bullion

Laura Bullion: The Thorny Rose of the Old West

When an 85-year-old Memphis seamstress died in 1961, she was buried beneath a tombstone with three lines of…