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Seth Bullock old west facts

7 Reasons Why Seth Bullock was one of the Last True Westerners

We can thank the mid-2000s HBO television western series Deadwood for introducing a new generation of Old West…

Arts & Entertainment

I’m Your Huckleberry: The Real Meaning of Doc Holliday’s Iconic Line

One of the best quotes in Tombstone is also one of the most argued and least understood. But…

mormon migration pioneers

14 Facts About the Mormon Migration, A Classic Old West Exodus

On the evening of June 27, 1844, an angry mob attacked the Carthage city jail near Nauvoo, Illinois…

morgan earp facts

8 Things You Might Not Know About Morgan Earp, Wyatt’s Favorite Bro

A member of one of the Old West’s most legendary bands of brothers, Morgan Earp and his story…

best modern western movies
Arts & Entertainment

22 Must-See Modern Western Movies from the Last 22 Years

Cue up Netflix, pop some popcorn, and lean back the recliner: it’s time to binge some of the…

wives of wyatt earp

The Wives of Wyatt Earp, from Aurilla Sutherland to Sadie Marcus

Wyatt Earp spent his Old West career walking the fine line between lawman and outlaw, so it should…

black bart Charles Bowles

8 Reasons Why Black Bart Was a One-Of-A-Kind Outlaw

When it comes to Old West outlaws, few were as colorful and creative as Black Bart. This gentleman…

sundance kid Harry Longabaugh

9 Things You May Not Know About the Sundance Kid

When it comes to Old West outlaws and famous train robbers, few are more famous than the bandit…

great sioux war

10 Important Battles & Fights of the Great Sioux War

These ten battles shaped the future of the Great Plains and its inhabitants. From the 1850s to the…

cowboy chaps
Life in the West

Everything You Need to Know About Cowboy Chaps

There is an indelible image of the cowboy: the wide-brimmed hat whose color hinges on one’s ethical alignment.…

fetterman massacre

The Fighting Men & Women of the Fetterman Massacre

Even with the protection of the fort, the soldiers and civilians at Fort Kearney were often besieged by…

famous native american women

7 Famous Native American Women with Remarkable Stories

Meet seven courageous Native American women who impacted the history of the Old West. Old West history and…