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Life in the West

dying of consumption old west
Life in the West

The Reality of Dying of Consumption in the Old West

If you could hop into a DeLorean time machine and go back to an Old West saloon, one…

chuckwagon food facts
Life in the West

Chuckwagon Chow: 8 Cattle-Drive Foods Cowboys Ate on the Trail

Cowboy life in the Old West can best be described as nomadic: we’re talking true cowboys who drove…

facts about the wild west
Life in the West

10 Wild West Facts of Everyday Life on the Frontier

You may have watched every episode of Bonanza, died of dysentery playing Oregon Trail, and read all the…

cowboy chaps
Life in the West

Everything You Need to Know About Cowboy Chaps

There is an indelible image of the cowboy: the wide-brimmed hat whose color hinges on one’s ethical alignment.…

when did the wild west really end

When Did the Wild West Really End?

The Wild West is a more nebulous term than you may think, so when the era ended is…

true stories of the wild west

7 Strange but True Stories of the American West

From a distasteful painting that got people killed, to the unlikely location of a Civil War battle, these…

guns of the old west

10 Famous Guns of the Old West, from Revolvers to Rifles

No single gun won the West, but these ten firearms certainly carved a niche in its history. The…

taos lightning whiskey

Taos Lightning: Old West Whiskey That Made Hair Fall Off the Chihuahua

According to legend, one sip of the 50-proof whiskey made from rich New Mexico wheat was all it took to make one think he had been struck by lightning.

old west insults
Life in the West

17 Old West Insults, from Greenhorns to Bluebellies and Everything in Between

Folks in the Old West may have been rough, dirty, and trigger-happy, but that doesn’t mean they were…

outhouse history old west
Life in the West

7 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Old West Outhouses

Outhouses were not just a nice-to-have part of the Old West: they were essential to household sanitation. One…

bowie knife history

Bowie Knives: The Old West’s Most Famous Blade

Colt revolvers aside, the Bowie knife was the weapon that made the Wild West wild. The unique design…