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rufus buck gang

The Brief & Heinous Rampage of the Rufus Buck Gang

The Rufus Buck gang’s exploits didn’t last long, but they were brutal enough to quickly go down in…

james shanghai kelly san francisco

Shanghai Kelly: San Francisco’s King Crimp

In the last half of the 1800s, the bustling port town of San Francisco, which grew out of…

kid curry harvey logan

11 Reasons Why Kid Curry Was the Wildest of the Wild Bunch

Many of the most notorious names in Old West outlaw history somehow ended up banding together in one…

ike clanton tombstone az

Was Ike Clanton Really the Loudmouth Coward of Tombstone?

When the dust settled on the most infamous gunfight in the West, three men lay dying in the…

black bart Charles Bowles

8 Reasons Why Black Bart Was a One-Of-A-Kind Outlaw

When it comes to Old West outlaws, few were as colorful and creative as Black Bart. This gentleman…

sundance kid Harry Longabaugh

9 Things You May Not Know About the Sundance Kid

When it comes to Old West outlaws and famous train robbers, few are more famous than the bandit…

cherokee bill outlaw

9 Fascinating Facts About Cherokee Bill, Ruthless Outlaw

Notorious outlaw Cherokee Bill once killed a man while he was appealing to the Supreme Court for another…

curly bill Brocius

Curly Bill Brocius: Was He Really Shot and Killed by Wyatt Earp?

William “Curly Bill” Brocius was only on Arizona’s Old West scene for a little more than three years,…

johnny ringo

7 Facts about Johnny Ringo You Won’t Learn from Movies

Johnny Ringo was a charismatic, B-list desperado with an A-list reputation in American West history. Best known as…

tom horn

7 Facts About Tom Horn, Elusive Gun-for-Hire

Historians have tried for years to come to grips with the enigmatic and dark character of Tom Horn…

john wesley hardin

8 Murderous Facts about John Wesley Hardin

John Wesley Hardin was one of the Old West’s most notorious killers: a ruthless outlaw who once killed…

Laura Bullion

Laura Bullion: The Thorny Rose of the Old West

When an 85-year-old Memphis seamstress died in 1961, she was buried beneath a tombstone with three lines of…