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true stories of the wild west

7 Strange but True Stories of the American West

From a distasteful painting that got people killed, to the unlikely location of a Civil War battle, these…

lost treasure california
Lost Mines & Treasure

Lost Treasure in California: True Stories of the Golden State’s Hidden Riches

From buried caches of gold to sunken treasure, California is a bona fide hot spot for hidden treasures…

famous train robbers old west

Famous Train Robbers of the Wild West & Their Most Infamous Hold-Ups

The American West’s most notorious train robbers include a violent killer, members of organized gangs, and criminals who…

native american ruins in arizona

15 Native American Ruins in Arizona that Offer a Historic Glimpse into the Past

Arizona’s most well-known Native American ruins range from beloved National Monuments to fascinating dwellings located in the most…